Name of product/ project: Ooho!
Country: Great Britain
Designer/company: Skipping Rocks Lab, London


Ooho! is a new kind of packaging made from seaweed that proposes an alternative to plastic bottles. The spherical water container is easy and cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable – and even edible!  The consumption of non-renewable resources for single use bottles and the amount of waste generated this way is profoundly unsustainable. The aim of Ooho! is to provide the convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental impact of water packaging. Ooho! is developed by Skipping Rocks Lab, a London-based start-up cofounded by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier. Skipping Rocks Lab was recently awarded the World Technology Award (environment) held in association with Fortune and TIME.