Sand Light

Name of product/ project: Sand Light
Country: Spain
Designer: Daishu Ma & Mark Nicolau
Company: Alien and Monkey


Using traditional ceramics techniques, the Barcelona-based design studio Alien and Monkey has used one of earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create ephemeral lamps, such as this simple looking Sand Light. As the natural material used for crafting these lamps is sand, these products are highly eco-friendly. Products made of sand can be used for a long period of time and very gradually crumble back to their natural basic material at the end of their lifecycle, leaving very little in the way of waste. Along with its use of this natural material, Alien and Monkey has also employed the traditional ceramic techniques to smoothly carve the sand into cubic shapes. The grainy texture of the cube can add a chic touch to the décor of any home interior.