Name of product/ project: Solarkiosk
Country: Germany
Designer/ company: Graft Architects, Berlin


Solarkiosk is an independent energy source for rural populations in developing countries. It consists of a modular, robust, expandable, light-weight (and beautiful) kit-of-parts unit. This enables it to be easily transportable, even to remote off-the-grid areas. Solarkiosk is adaptable to energy demands: recharging mobile phones, listening to the radio, cooling medicines or purchasing solar lamps. The energy is stored in its battery pack, ensuring continuous operation. There is no need for harmful kerosene lamps or diesel generators for night-time illumination.

By giving access to energy, it provides a business foundation for small local companies and serves as a social meeting point. An expanded unit can provide and manage the power supply to commercial anchor clients, refugee camps, health stations, schools, etc. It can even grow into a solar-powered market place and serve as a local decentralized mini-grid network. The adaptable model allows for local manufacturing worldwide and can integrate a variety of materials in its construction, from steel to bricks. Solarkiosk can even help maximise performance by collecting a variety of essential data, ranging from financial performance and energy usage, to various environmental and weather indicators.