Name of product/ project: Upmade certificate
Country: Estonia
Designer/ company: Aus Design Llc


Upmade® is a certifiable method of production following the principles of upcycling that can be implemented in global mass production to reduce industrial waste by using it in a smart, transparent and credible manner. The method has been developed to turn the leftovers of textile producers into valued products, eliminating waste and preceding recycling practices. Comprehensive field research and scientific analysis have been applied to extend customary upcycling methods. The goals of Upmade are an smaller environmental footprint and maximised resource efficiency in the textile, upholstery and soft furnishings industry. The method provides a profitable solution for brands, retail companies and manufacturers by making the most of all materials, creating additional environmentally responsible products, reducing waste handling costs and saving water and energy.

The steps of the certification include:

1) An analysis of production activities and problematic waste material, its derivation and characteristics is carried out in the production facility.

2) Suggestions are made for upcycling leftover materials – a design guideline to produce either an entirely new product or a parallel product to existing product line.

3) An environmental declaration is composed – this systematically states the benefits and characteristics of the new product (savings of air, water and energy; usage of materials, chemical compounds and waste).

4) An independent audit is performed by Stockholm Environment Institute – Tallinn Centre. 

5) The brands, retail companies or manufacturers are granted the UpMade® certified Upcycling Production System Certificate for their production facilities.