Ecodesign Audit



    EcoDesign Audit is a diagnostic tool for enterprises and public organisations to assess their ecodesign capabilities and performances and to identify possible circular design opportunities / approaches.

    EcoDesign Audit is carried out by a design manager and/or an environmental specialist following the Ecodesign Audit Methodology. It provides a reliable, validated and comprehensive overview and gives clear recommendations in form of a report. The audit recommendations will help to establish a basis for moving forward towards a circular economy. A next step after the Audit assessment can be the Ecodesign Sprint.



    » advises on alternative and additional measures and techniques you can adopt to improve and maximise your innovation and design capacities

    » enhancement of design capabilities and identification of opportunities for ecodesign in accordance to a circular economy

    » objective, external view to your enterprise / organisation

    » valuable information for taking next steps or for choosing a long-term strategy



    In Estonia, we piloted the Audit in five companies in very different size and fields of activities. Due to the difference in size, awareness and knowledge and managerial capabilities, all the audits were different, but the same methodology could be applied. In some of the companies we also involved along with environmental specialist also designers and design managers to spread the knowledge and also to get a different view on the companies. "The awareness of ecodesign in companies can vary from black to white, you never know what you're getting into and there is as yet no 'standard'. The whole process was very interesting, " said one of the experts, Markus Vihma from the Sustainable Design Lab at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

    The number of “audited companies” isn't enough to generalise and draw conclusions, but we saw that the companies often don't see the relevance of ecodesign in reaching out to foreign markets or tend to think about it as a one-time label to cross the threshold. It is rarely discussed as an opportunity for strategic competitive advantage.

    "It's a pleasure to see that there are great low-cost opportunities still abundant that require the right idea, maturation & branding and the right targeting. It's not about buying the latest and the most expensive machinery, " commented Markus Vihma.

  • Audit Manual


    Handbook created to introduce the EcoDesign methodological guidance material (EcoDesign Audit) by Estonian Design Centre in cooperation with sustainable design lab of Estonian Academy of Arts by Harri Moora and Markus Vihma.


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