Nordic Report 02 launched by SustaiNordic platform

The Nordic Report 02

The Nordic Report 02 is part of the project SUSTAINORDIC, which aims to spread awareness on sustainable production and consumption in the Nordics in accordance with Agenda 2030. 

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Petition to design and support repairable smartphones


"Most of us would love to keep using their existing phone when it breaks. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced how hard it is to fix smartphones: lack of available spare parts, high prices, inaccessible components… It quickly becomes more appealing to replace them despite their massive environmental and social impacts. ... This has to change! That’s why we are asking the European Union to give people the Right to Repair their smartphones by requiring manufacturers to design repairable smartphones and provide spare parts and repair information to all repairers and consumers."

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First Estonian Design Talk focusses on circular design

Design Talk EDC

The DesignTalks, organised by our partner the Estonian Design Centre, got a glorious kick-off in Tallinn. The first talk focused on the circular economy model and the introduction of circular design, circular economy and design practices.

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European Green Deal


A Green Deal for the European Union (EU) and its citizens resets the Commission’s commitment to tackling climate and environmental-related challenges. It will include a a new circular economy action plan with ‘a sustainable products’ policy supporting circular design.

"Consumers will benefit from more sustainable products that are designed to be repairable, durable, recycled and use less energy. This can help reduce the lifetime costs of the products they buy."

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German Federal Ecodesign Awards 2019

German Ecodesign Award 2019

An interdisciplinary jury has nominated 31 projects from the sectors architecture, energy, communication, household, interior, transportation and fashion. Among these, 12 were being honored with the German Federal Ecodesign Award during the award ceremony at the Federal Ministry for Environment on 25 November 2019.

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EcoDesign Learning Factory stops in Russia

LF In SPB 01Logo EDC40 klein

The Ecodesign Learning Factory was developed during the "EcoDesign Circle" as an intensive introduction to ecodesign and Circular Economy. On 24th and 25th Oct this training course was held in St. Petersburg led by leading European experts in this field from Finland and Germany. 

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New EU ecodesign measures introduced

washing machine

A new set of ecodesign measures contributes to our circular economy and climate objectives. In particular, measures are included for the first time under ecodesign to support the reparability and recyclability of products.

As of 2021, all TVs, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and lighting products placed on the EU market will have to meet minimum design requirements aimed at extending their lifetime.

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The Circle goes on! - EcoDesign Circle 4.0 will focus on designing services for a circular society

EDC4 01Logo EDC40 klein

How can ecodesign help to shape the economy 4.0 and advance the transition to a circular model? What opportunities does digitalisation offer sustainable service design? And what do practitioners and supporters of ecodesign need in order to bring it to life on a large, effective scale? These questions lie at the heart of the project EcoDesign Circle 4.0.

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Dispose | Reuse | Recycle - New publication released


This publication shows results of three projects dispose, reuse and recycle by industrial design students at Burg Giebichenstein Halle University of Art and Design (Germany) by Prof. Mareike Gast, Anja Lapatsch, Anna Hoffmann and Karl Schikora in 2017/18.

The German Environment Agency supported the projects with workshops and answers to many questions. The publication can be ordered at Burg Giebichenstein Halle or our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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