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The REGIOSTARS Awards have been a yearly competition since 2008, organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy. They aim to identify good practices in regional development and highlight innovative, EU-funded projects, which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions and project managers. The REGIOSTARS Award categories change every year, always having one winning project per category. 206 submissions arrived this year for REGIOSTARS 2020. An independent jury chose five finalists per category. Here, we present the five finalists in category “Circular Economy for a Green Europe” – and to our delight, “EcoDesign Circle” was one of them!


The Interreg France (Channel) England programme 

It’s time to cool down! Food is important to all of us. It sustains us, fuels us, inspires and tempts us. But did you know that process of growing, harvesting and transporting food accounts for almost a third of the world’s carbon emissions? The good news is that there are bite-sized actions we can take to reduce our carbon emissions to slow down climate change and help the earth keep cool. Sign up now on, make one or more commitment and record your progress every week!

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Fibrenamics Green
NORTE 2020 (2014–2020 North Portugal Regional Operational Programme)

Under the motto 'from waste to market through knowledge', Fibrenamics Green is an innovative platform for the development of innovative products from industrial waste, through the incorporation of design and engineering. The platform's activities are based on the generation and sharing of interdisciplinary knowledge that creates new waste recovery projects, incorporating science and technology, based on continuous synergies between universities and enterprises from different fields.

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Blue Circular Economy
The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme

Blue Circular Economy (BCE) is a transnational project supporting and innovating the development of the fishing net waste industry at Europe’s most Northern Edge, from Norway to Greenland. The mission is to generate sustainable business opportunities offered by lost or discarded fishing gear. The vision is to focus on the full product life-cycle, upskilling SMEs to create resource efficient businesses offering products and services from marine waste, supporting transferability of techniques.

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SeRaMCo: Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products
The Interreg North-West Europe Programme

The construction sector is the most resource-intensive industrial sector in the EU and is responsible for about a third of all waste. Since 2017, the SeRaMCo project has been increasing the use of construction and demolition waste for cement and concrete production in North-West Europe (NWE). Primary raw materials are replaced with high-quality recycled ones, a more sustainable practice lifting pressure on natural resources and contributing to Europe’s transition to a circular economy.

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EcoDesign Circle
The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme

Reusable, repairable, recyclable products? They are possible if you consider the products’ environmental impacts already at the design phase. In EcoDesign Circle, we equipped design centres and entrepreneurs in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden with practical tools and knowledge in ecodesign to bring the Baltic Sea region closer to a circular economy.

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Project descriptions: REGIOSTARS Awards 2020