First Estonian Design Talk focusses on circular design


The DesignTalks, organised by our partner the Estonian Design Centre, got a glorious kick-off in Tallinn. The first talk focused on the circular economy model and the introduction of circular design, circular economy and design practices. Peter Post (CEO of one of Germany's leading design firms, Scholz & Volkmer), Kaarel Mikkin (CEO of The Brand Manual ) and Enn Laansoo Jr (PAKRI Smart Industrial City  & ELMO rent CEO) talked about their experiences in the implementation of circular design / ecodesign in everyday business. The audience of 40 designers, entrepreneurs and students left fully inspired, ready to take on the challenge of sustainability. 

The event is documented here and here.

Pictures: Estonian Design Centre

Design Talk EDC


Peter Post is Managing Director at Scholz & Volkmer – a creative agency for digital brand management. After studying communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, he founded and led interaction design departments at various agencies. Before joining the management board, he headed a Scholz & Volkmer unit for three years. In his position he is responsible for User Experience Design, he leads the operational day-to-day business and developed Shared Value with the founder Michael Volkmer. Peter focuses on mobility, products and service design.

Kaarel Mikkin is CEO of The Brand Manual. With a degree in political science and longterm experience in big network agencies, Kaarel is able to deliver insight and understanding into the processes of large companies and corporations. He works as a consultant to the management, providing design thinking points-of-view and answering brand strategy questions. Being a certified coach he is also quite active in various mentoring and educational programmes for entrepreneurs.

Enn Laansoo Jr personal philosophical agenda is cleaner environment and responsible enterpreneurship. For the last 12 years, he has been developing PAKRI Smart Industrial City. PAKRI Smart Industrial City is Northern Europe’s most progressive greentech manufacturing center. They are constructing a 75MW renewable power network, which combined with their smart grid enables total control of energy prices. Their risk tolerance is higher than other industrial parks in the region: They actively test client products when needed, and purchase them as well. They also value clients’ by-products on-site. Enn is also CEO of ELMO Rent - ELMO stands for electromobility in Estonia. ELMO programme promotes emission free personal transportation and electric cars in order to achieve better city environment, energy efficiency and fuel independence.

Design Talks are financed by EU Regional Fund.