Nordic Report 02 launched by SustaiNordic platform

The Nordic Report 02

photo: Daniel Engvall


SUSTAINORDIC is a collaborative platform and a network that aims to promote sustainable consumption and production based on a Nordic perspective, in accordance with the UN’s Global Goal 12 of Agenda 2030. EcoDesign Circle (4.0) partner, Design Forum Finland, is also one partner of this project.

The network partners collectively gather examples of sustainable production and consumption from the Nordic countries. The examples are then being compiled and structured in accordance with the Manifesto subgoals and presented in a yearly Nordic Report. The report is spread through each Nordic country’s international network to reach a global audience.

The Nordic Report 02 brings up three perspectives on sustainable consumption – industrial, academic and political. The overall question is how different types of organisations, companies and consumers take on the great challenges within this area with the help of new national guidelines, alternative processes and methods, greener materials and systematic changes within design, culture, architecture and sustainable urban development. This year’s publication explores important and current topics, such as bio-economics and circular economy, AI, responsible procurement and nudging, to name a few. The importance of cross-disciplinary collaborations in furthering the progress towards Goal 12 is a common thread throughout the publication. The same goes for the cultural perspective, which permeates the entire SUSTAINORDIC project.

The project SUSTAINORDIC is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers with the aim of spreading the Nordic perspective internationally. The project partners are ArkDes and Form/Design Center in Sweden, Design Forum in Finland, DOGA in Norway, DAC (Dansk Arkitektur Center) in Denmark and Iceland Design Centre.


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